An Employers Guide For Collective Bargaining.

This is intended to be a practical tool for employers and their human resources personnel in collective bargaining.

The guide is based on the the publication authored by the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Bureau for Employer Activities (ACTEMP) in collaboration with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), who have allowed the FCEF to adapt it for the local context.


An Employers Guide to Gender Equality

Creating gender responsive workplaces for women and men in Fiji. This joint publication with the International Labour Organisation is a concerted effort to espouse gender responsiveness in the Fijian work environment.

The guide broadly outlines gender responsive international workplace practices (based on ILO principals and international conventions) whilst situating relevant examples that are applicable in the fijian context.


An Employers Guide to Eliminating Child Labour

Mostly concentrated in the informal and rural economy, child labour is usually hidden from the main stream public view.

This guide provides employers indepth view from various perspectives on the issues of child labour in Fiji and the laws associated with it. This with the intended purpose of helping employers minimise and eliminate child labour.

Women Entrepreneurs & Business Council Strategic Plan

Also available is the Women Entrepreneurs & Business Council's (WEBC) strategic plan.

The Strategic plan gives and insight into the planned activites of the WEBC for FCEF's Womens Council.




Cost of Doing Business

A survey of selected costs across the Melanesian Spearhead Group Countries (MSG) and Fiji Manufacturing Sector.

Compiled through the joint collaboration of the FCEF and Fiji Export Council (FEC), the survey compares the the cost structures existing within Fiji and in the countries of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

HIV In The World of Work

A training package for the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation.

This employers training guide to HIV and OHS is a practical tool for the employers, welfare officer, OHS and Human Resources personnel to use at the workplace to inform, educate and influence the behaviour of employees.


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