1.  Promotion of free trade and commerce and the economic development of Fiji
  2.  Provision of a forum for consultation and exchange of information and views arising from the relations between:
           - Employers
           - Employers and their work people, including Trade Unions
           - Employers and Government
  3.  Promotion of co-operation between employers in the many industries, businesses, and commercial activities in Fiji, as well as with the various statutory organisations.
  4.  Promotion and acceptance of the concept that co-operation and consultation among employers is indispensable to the continued growth of Fiji.
  5.  Realization that although each member is autonomous and  independent of other members, there is an inter dependence between employers in acting in concert for the common good of all in Fiji.
  6. Promotion of the understanding that the continued growth of  employment opportunities in Fiji may be sustained only by the maintenance and development of a strong, dynamic and profitable   private sector