Government Liaison

FCEF is recognized by Government and by the Trade Union movement, and also the International Labour Organization (ILO), as being the most representative organisation of employers in Fiji. It follows that Government consults regularly with FEF and that representations made to Government on a wide range of subjects are heard.

FCEF is asked to provide, on a regular annual or biannual basis, representatives from its members to fill vacancies on Boards of forty-eight Government majority and/or minority owned entities, Boards, Councils and other statutory bodies, including the Fiji National Provident Fund Board, TPAF Council and its Industry Advisory Councils, the Fiji Trade Union Advisory Committee, the ten Industry Wages Councils, the periodic Economic Summits, as well as numerous other ad hoc committees at national level.

Medical Health Programme

FCEF provides members with the opportunity of participating at either enterprise or individual employee level in its Aon Risk Management administered "FCEF Health Plus" which provides medical assistance and treatment, including medical evacuation facilities, and hospital, pharmaceutical and life insurance benefits.

FCEF Activities

Among its other activities, FCEF undertakes:

  • Collection, collation and analysis of employer related statistics
  • Organization of regular workshops and seminars on a wide range of subjects of interest and concern to the Membership
  • Participation in an annual salary survey to assist Members to be in a managed competitive situation in respect of their salaried employees;
  • Study of industrial relations and the promotion of industrial peace;
  • Consideration of measures designed to continue to promote Fiji as an attractive investment location.
  • Provision of on-the-spot advice service to Members on the many problems arising out of the engagement, terms and conditions of employment, and the dismissal of workers;