Our Councils
FCEF maintains nine standing councils at present, each with it’s own chairman and membership from Members’ representatives interested in the specific work of the councils and drawn from the main membership body. Participation at these monthly councils is encouraged as it provides an excellent forum for networking and exchange of views and experiences

Mining and Quarrying Council

Netava Bakaniceva – Chairman

The Mining & Quarry Council (MQC) of the Federation has become the voice of the industry supporting one of the growth areas of the Fiji economy.

The FCEF is proud to say that all major mining companies are a member of the Federation and that the Federation has been able to fully support the interests of the industry through it relationship with the Government.

Professional and Financial Services Council

Leonard Chan – Chairman

The Professional & Financial Services (PFS) Council has a membership of major service and financial institutions in Fiji.

This council provides a forum where any matters may be discussed relating to the Services sector and Finance sector generally.




Retailers & Small Businesses Council

Alvin Sharma – Chairman

The Retailers & Small Business Council is open to members with interest in the Retail sector.

This council is a forum whereby the interests of small business owners and the retail community can be voiced.

Human Resource Council

Sharoon Shah – Chairman

This council is open to all concerned with industrial relations or personnel matters or practice.

It conducts regular seminars and workshops on appropriate subjects during the year and is involved in all occupational health and safety issues.





Manufacturers, Trade & Export Council

Jeetender Rai – Chairman

The Manufacturing, Trade & Export Council is one of the Federations largest council with a significant number of  companies from the Manufacturing sector being represented in its membership.

The council conducts trainings and is a significant voice in the private sector.
This council is open to any member with interests in importing, manufacturing and exporting of products or services.

Tourism and Transportation Council

Jasper Singh – Chairman

The Tourism & Transportation Council (TTC) represents one of Fiji’s largest and vital sector in the economy. The council is dedicated towards ensuring the interests of those in this sector is represented in FCEF’s affiliation with relevant stakeholders.

This council is for FCEF members interested in any matter pertaining to shipping, road transport, aviation or tourism which includes tourist-related services.

Women Entrepreneurs and Business Council

Eseta Nadakuitavuki – Chairwoman

The Women Entrepreneurs & Business Council (WEBC) was formed in 2013 with the specific objective of ensuring that the interests of women in business are protected and to offer a voice for those women entrepreneurs in the informal sector.
The council organizes training, workshops and has built networks with relevant stakeholders in pursuit to ensure that the voice of women entrepreneurs is heard.
WEBC is dedicated to looking after all women entrepreneurs from large businesses to those in the markets and roadside stalls.
This council is open to all women with business or have a keen interest in the business.

Young Entrepreneurs Council

Watesoni Nata Jnr – Chairman

The Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) was formed in 2o16 with support from the International Labour Organisation.
The intent behind the formation of YEC was to establish a council that could pave the way for aspiring young entrepreneurs.
This council is for those between 18-40 years and provides a platform that enables members to innovatively influence policies to support potential and existing young entrepreneurs.
This by allowing access to information, resources and reduce barriers that constrain business development and employment creation process.

Business Disaster Resilience Council

Mike Spencer – Chairman

The Business Disaster Resilience Council (BDRC) was set up in 2016 after the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston.
Realizing the efficiency in the ability of the Private Sector to respond post-disaster, BDRC was formed to help facilitate coordination between the private sector, National Disaster Management, UN Agencies and Humanitarian actors for disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.
The council has developed toolkits for Small Medium Enterprises in the area of business continuity and also reached out to communities around Fiji through its disaster risk reduction training. Membership is open to all disaster risk management actors.


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These Councils meet on a regular monthly basis, interspersed with a quarterly Combined Councils Meeting held in venues on either the East or West of Viti Levu, where those FCEF Members who attend are provided by the respective Council Chairmen with reports of their Councils’ activities. These meetings regularly feature speakers on topical subjects.