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Whether it’s mastering the latest technology, honing leadership skills, or improving customer service, ongoing training ensures that employees remain…
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No matter what the size of your business in Fiji is, joining the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF) opens up a world of opportunities. As a dynamic platform, FCEF facilitates dialogue, offers educational resources, fosters development, and encourages improvement. By becoming a part of our community, you’ll experience a strong sense of unity and solidarity.

At FCEF, we stand as advocates for all our members, championing their interests in shaping policies, promoting business growth, developing industries, and representing the collective voice of the private sector. Our members enjoy access to a host of benefits designed to accelerate their growth and success. From inclusive networking events and strategic partnerships to valuable resources and diverse industry insights, FCEF opens doors to opportunities.

The time to act is now! Embrace this extraordinary chance to become an esteemed member of the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation.

Our Councils

Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation operates with functional councils that bring together individuals who share common interests or work in the same industry, enabling them to unite and speak collectively. At present, FCEF manages nine separate councils, each led by a chairperson and consisting of representatives from its members who are interested in the specific activities of the respective councils. These representatives are selected from the larger membership base of FCEF.

Mining & Quarry Council

Professional & Financial Services Council

Retailers & Small Business Council

Human Resource Council

Young Entrepreneurs Council

Manufacturing Trade & Export Council

Tourism & Transport Council

Women Entrepreneurs Business Council

Business Disaster Resilience Council