Retailers & Small Business Council

Supporting the interests of the fastest growing and one of the most vibrant sectors of our economy

The Retailers & Small Business Council offers its members a platform to exchange and address industry concerns. The council organizes sessions to raise awareness and facilitate information sharing among its members.

Our mission is to champion the needs of local retailers and small businesses. We prioritize advocating for policies that benefit small enterprises, providing them with resources and educational opportunities to thrive, and fostering a strong sense of community among local business owners.

What We Do

The Retailers & Small Business Council serves as a vital support network for small business owners and individuals involved in the retail industry in Fiji. This council provides a platform for members to voice their concerns, share insights, and collaborate on initiatives that promote the growth and development of retail businesses. Through regular meetings, networking events, and advocacy efforts, the council works towards creating a favorable business environment, addressing challenges, and exploring opportunities for small businesses in Fiji’s retail sector. By fostering a sense of community and providing resources and guidance, the Retailers & Small Business Council contributes to the overall success and sustainability of retail enterprises in Fiji.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Hans Reiher

Hans Reiher, current CEO of Fiji Gas Limited, is a results-oriented leader who also holds the role of Council Chair for the Retail & Small Business Council. With a focus on reducing costs, managing risks, and enhancing performance, Reiher has led Fiji Gas to significant milestones in efficiency and profitability. He champions a culture of excellence, aiming to improve safety, revenue, productivity, and satisfaction among employees and customers alike. As Council Chair, Reiher plans to advocate for retail and small businesses, leveraging his strategic vision and collaborative leadership style to drive initiatives that foster growth, innovation, and resilience within the sector.