Business Disaster Resilience Council

Strengthening Businesses for the Unforeseen

In response to the destructive impact of Tropical Cyclone Winston, the Business Disaster Resilience Council (BDRC) was established in 2016. To understand how well the private sector helps after a disaster, the BDRC was made to improve cooperation between private businesses in Fiji, the National Disaster Management, UN Agencies, and groups that provide aid during emergencies. Its key objectives include reducing disaster risks, improving emergency preparedness, facilitating response efforts, and promoting recovery. The council has developed comprehensive toolkits for Small Medium Enterprises, focusing on business continuity after disasters, and has actively engaged with communities in Fiji through disaster risk reduction training. Membership is open to all entities involved in disaster risk management.

What We Do

Our primary focus at BDRC is to work together with key stakeholders in order to achieve risk reduction, preparedness, and prompt response & recovery. We actively engage with private sectors in Fiji, offering them a platform to effectively address their own challenges while also assisting the Fiji government, civil society, and development partners in enhancing climate resilience, disaster preparedness, and emergency response.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Karunesh Rao

As the Chair of the Business Disaster Resilience Council (BDRC) since October 2021, Mr. Karunesh Rao, with a background in MCom and as Manager of Corporate Affairs & Communications at Energy Fiji Limited (EFL), leverages his expertise to bolster the council’s efforts. His diverse skill set in the corporate sector allow him to provide valuable insights and strategic direction to enhance disaster resilience within the business community. Through his leadership, the BDRC has undertaken various initiatives, fostering collaboration among businesses, government agencies, and communities. Since assuming the position, he has worked to foster collaboration among businesses, government agencies, and community stakeholders, promoting a collective approach towards disaster risk reduction and response.