Women Entrepreneurs Business Council

Our focus is on “Empowering Fiji’s Women Entrepreneurs, driving success with passion and innovation!

Established in 2013, the Women Entrepreneurs Business Council (WEBC) arose with a clear mission: safeguarding the rights and amplifying the voices of women in business, mainly those operating in the informal sector in Fiji. Over the years, WEBC has experienced remarkable growth in both its membership and offerings, providing invaluable support and inclusive platforms for the development of women entrepreneurs. WEBC’s vision is “women entrepreneurs invigorating the nation”.

What We Do

At WEBC, our main focus is supporting and advocating for women entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Whether they run big businesses or operate small market stalls, we are here to help. We organize training sessions and workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge. We also connect them with important people and organizations that can support their business goals. We want to make sure that the voices of women entrepreneurs are heard and valued. We welcome all women who already have a business or are interested in starting one.

WEBC is dedicated to the overall growth of our members. We believe in promoting sustainable business practices, building strong partnerships with stakeholders, and ensuring that our members handle their finances wisely. We want to empower women entrepreneurs to succeed in every aspect of their business.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Sharyne Fong

As an accomplished entrepreneur, founder, and Managing Director of Insight Business Advisory Pte Ltd, Ms. Fong possesses a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by business women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Her remarkable ability to navigate the complexities of the business world has made her an ideal choice as the Acting Chairperson of WEBC. Her involvement in prestigious organizations such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Fiji Human Resources Institute showcases her commitment to continuous professional development and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Ms. Fong’s extensive experience as an approved Business Advisor with Business Link Pacific has allowed her to provide invaluable guidance and support to women entrepreneurs, fostering their growth and success. Beyond her role at WEBC, she actively contributes to the growth and governance of various company Boards, ensuring their strategic direction and sustainable growth.

Furthermore, Ms. Fong’s holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Fiji. Her dedication to cultivating leadership skills and empowering individuals has a profound impact on the success and advancement of women-led businesses in the region.