Manufacturing Trade & Export Council

Promoting teamwork and strength in various industries to boost the global economy by connecting manufacturing, trade, and exports!

The Manufacturing, Trade & Export Council is one of the Federations largest councils with a significant number of companies from the Manufacturing sector being represented in its membership. The council conducts trainings and is a significant voice in the private sector.

What We Do

The Manufacturing, Trade & Export Council (MTEC) is a significant voice of the private sector. The council deals with members who import, manufacture and export product or services.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Iliyaz Koya

As the Chair of the Manufacturing Trade and Export Council, Mr. Ilyaz Koya leverages his skillset and over twenty-two years of experience as the Head of Broking Insurance Holdings (Pacific) Pte Ltd. His expertise in managing business operations and employee programs allows him to bring a strategic and results-driven approach to his role. Moreover, his experience in handling employee and community programs reflects his commitment to building a collaborative and socially responsible environment. Under his guidance, the council thrives, making contributions to the growth of the council.