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Human Resources Council

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The Human Resource Council is one of the key councils that look at the best interest of human resource and industrial relations related functions of member organizations. This council aims to be an essential information sharing forum to discuss best practices, human resource related concerns and recommend solutions to its members.

What We Do

The Human Resource Council (HRC) provides a platform for effective information sharing in terms of Human Resource and Industrial Relations related concerns, advocate and lobby for employment related matters, include guest speakers for topics of interest, data collection and reporting through surveys and share best practices amongst members.

The objective of the HR Council is to become a one stop shop for all Human Resource and Industrial Relations related matters for FCEF member organizations, be able to obtain relevant information needed to advocate and lobby for such matters as and when needed, and become a trustworthy platform for member organizations to share areas of concern and be able to receive meaningful advice to resolve issues on hand.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Sharoon Shah - FCEF

Sharoon Shah

Armed with an MBA in HR and CPFHRI certification, Mr. Shah possesses an extensive skill set that has proves invaluable in his role as a Human Resources Officer at the esteemed Reserve Bank of Fiji. Prior to this, Mr. Shah honed his leadership acumen as a Senior Administrative Officer HR at Air Terminal Services Fiji Pte Limited, where he played a crucial role in fostering a conducive work environment. His dedication and outstanding contributions to the field earned him the position of Vice Chairperson (West) for the FCEF HR Council from 2017 to 2019, and subsequently, he was appointed as the Chairperson for the FCEF HR Council from 2019 to the present. In these capacities, he has demonstrated his commitment towards advocating for best HR practices. Mr. Sharoon Shah’s remarkable journey is a testament to his ability to bring his expertise to the forefront, leading the Human Resource Council with unparalleled skill and vision.