Professional & Financial Services Council

Empowering industry collaboration and elevating financial services

A collaborative hub that unites the brightest minds and industry leaders within the realms of finance, law, accounting, consulting, and related fields. As a dynamic and influential collective, our council serves as a catalyst for innovation, best practices, and knowledge exchange, fostering a thriving ecosystem for professionals and businesses alike. With a mission to elevate standards, promote ethical conduct, and drive excellence in every aspect of our members’ work, we are committed to advancing the growth and success of the Professional & Financial Services sector.

What We Do

The PFSC provides a platform for members in this industry to discuss / share matters relevant to their businesses & provide an avenue for elevation of this to the relevant parties and provide a forum to hear from stakeholders about on issues that are, or could affect their businesses & other important matters of the day.

The PFSC focuses on providing all its members an avenue where matters related to the industry can be discussed or shared.

Meet Our Council Committee Chair

Mahendra Chand

Mr. Mahendra now holds the position of Chair of the Professional & Financial Services Council, poised to make a profound impact at the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation. Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the South Pacific in 2006, Mahendra honed his skills through years of service at a prominent financial institution before transitioning to an in-house legal role with a leading Fiji financial services group. Returning to Munro Leys in 2019, he brings a wealth of expertise spanning banking and finance, real property, employment, insurance matters, and general commercial transactions. With his extensive background and leadership acumen, Mahendra is poised to drive innovation and success within the Professional & Financial Services Council.