A Collaborative Space for Members
Staying informed, participate in lobbying and take
advantage of services to enhance your business.
Staying informed, participate in lobbying and take advantage of services to enhance your business.

Our Services

At the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF), we provide numerous advantages to our members. Our primary focus is to ensure that the private sector in Fiji has a strong presence in the decision-making process regarding new legislations and amendments. By offering a platform for input and positioning, we ensure that the voice of businesses in Fiji is heard.

Membership with FCEF also grants access to exclusive initiatives and implementation consultations facilitated by key stakeholders. This allows our members to stay well-informed and actively participate in important discussions that impact their interests.

Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation also plays a vital role in collecting, organizing, and analyzing employer-related statistics. These valuable insights empower businesses in Fiji to make well-informed decisions based on reliable data.

We are dedicated to promoting Fiji as an attractive investment destination. FCEF continuously considers measures to enhance Fiji’s appeal, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to expand their operations.

Additionally, FCEF acts as a strong advocate for the private sector during yearly budget consultations with the Fiji government. We actively lobby for policy changes and development that favor the interests of businesses, helping to shape favorable policies in alignment with the private sector’s needs.

Advocacy and lobbying

Be the Voice to Government regarding Yearly Budget consultations and lobby through government on certain policy changes or development.

IR & HR Consultancy

FCEF provides consultancy in the area of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. The Industrial relation Unit provides a Help Line to members on IR & HR matters from 9am to 9pm. FCEF also provide representation at employment courts (mediations & tribunal) by IR Consultant on a discounted membership rate.

Training and Development (Local and Overseas)

FCEF provides ample opportunities to enrich your existing knowledge base and gain hands on experience in the field of labour laws, industrial relations and human resource management through periodic trainings, workshops, seminars, conference, interactive meetings, panel discussions. The members of FCEF can get a discount on these workshops and trainings and also have opportunities for FOC international Trainings e.g. The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS). FCEF can tailor make training programs for members at members rates.

Monthly Council Meetings

FCEF Councils meetings are organized bi-monthly. By attending these council meetings, you strengthen your networking base with Government Officials, Corporate Leaders, HR professionals, Lawyers (Labour and Employment Laws) across the country and have the opportunity in accessing comprehensive knowledge on Responsible Employment Practices, Sustainable Business Practices, Employment, Social Security, Occupational Safety and Health at workplace and generally talk the business language. There are lots of collaboration opportunities with large corporations and MSME’s.

Business Networking

Opportunity to network with businesses from similar/other industries

Survey and Research Information

Collection, collation, and analysis of employer-related statistics

Information Dissemination

FCEF provides opportunities for face-to-face consultation/ information session /training which gives the opportunity to voice business concerns directly to the concerned stakeholders e.g., FRCS, FRA, FNPF, LTA, Companies office amongst others.

Fiji Enterprise Engine

The Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation, in collaboration with the Australian Government-funded Market Development Facility (MDF), has launched the “Fiji Enterprise Engine” or “FEE” program. This groundbreaking initiative establishes the Pacific region’s first semi-commercial, private-sector-led Business Accelerator Program specifically designed for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). FEE offers comprehensive training in essential areas such as Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting and Financial Management, and Marketing. Additionally, participants benefit from personalized guidance provided by Local Business Coaches (LBCs) and various networking opportunities. The success of the FEE initiative effectively showcases how tailored support and services can fuel the rapid growth of small businesses in Fiji.